July 26, 2021


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Want to protect precious eyes?Follow 20-20-20 rule

Chancellor of MATS University, Mr. Gajraj Pagaria and Director General, Mr. Priyesh Pagaria always encourage teachers to organize various programs to keep the students’ participation and enthusiasm in the online learning mode.
In this series, a webinar entitled increasing screen time and it’s effects on eyes was organized by School of Sciences of MATS University on 28th may,2021.

For online classes, the students have to use mobile, laptops for longer period of time, as a result of which they are facing many difficulties.
Such eye problems and their solutions were very well explained by Dr. Sonal Vyas, Ophthalmologist, SBH Eye Hospital,Raipur. Registrar Shri Gokulananda Panda also found solution to some of his doubts.
More than a hundred students attended this lecture and some asked questions related to their eyes.
The webinar succeeded under the direction of advisor of this event, Dr. Prashant Mundeja. Dr. Ashish Saraf, Department Department, encouraged the students.
The webinar was conducted by the coordinator of the webinar, Dr. Bhagyashree Deshpande and vote of thanks was presented by webinar’s coordinator, Dr. Meghna Shrivastava.